Tarek Fatah Tried To Criticize PTI By Sharing A Really Old Video And Obviously Indians Joined Him!

In this time, when in order to stay in the limelight, some famous personalities no matter which place they belong to, use their medium to manipulate the outreach. Considered to be an authentic platform, social media can sometimes serve as a decisive stage too, where depending on the user, a person instead of adding something productive can spread extensive falsehood among the masses.

Tarek Fatah tried to defame PTI but forgot to check the date of the incident!

As Pakistan massively faces isolation at times from other world states, some personalities who somehow managed to gain popularity play an extremely ‘Anti-Pakistan’ card targeting its political structure. After gaining a large audience on social platforms, Pakistani-Canadian journalist Tarek Fatah yet again tried to hit the current Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government with a three years old video and Indians without any research, backed him up.

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Posting a three years old video on Twitter, Tarek Fatah once again displayed his ignorant attitude!

The real story behind and Indians with their witless responses!

Back in 2016, when Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN)’s disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was holding the office, a local news channel’s female reporter faced extreme circumstances. Known as Saima Kanwal, a news reporter from Karachi was tightly slapped by a security guard of a government organization because of her constant provoking. The incident took place in the metropolis ‘three years back’ and the security guard was later charged with assaulting a woman.

As everyone knows how naive Indians can be when it comes to something related to Pakistan. This time also, as soon as the tweet appeared on Tarek Fatah’s official Twitter handle, a heightened wave of hateful comments poured in from the other side of the border against Pakistan. Among the brainless Indian nation, some Pakistanis replied to clear the fact that the video in actual, is not recent.

This Indian even mentioned PM Imran Khan and threatened him on the Kashmir issue. We are scared!

Basic Indian turd, right here!


Hahahahaha! What do these Indians even smoke?


So, according to this low-life Indian, the only problem was the Hijab!

Don’t know why this ignorant nation is so obsessed with PM Imran Khan!

Well, it’s not the only blunder Tarek Fatah has made after the world felt his existence, the mindless journalist steals the spotlight with his stupid approach very often. Some time back, during the Cricket World Cup 2019, Tarek Fatah was badly trolled by Indians and Pakistanis after he confused former Pakistani cricketer Inzamam ul Haq with a ‘Mullah’.

Leaning over to the fact that this imbecile became a renowned journalist literally makes people wonder how? But then the major support and following of Indians on his social platforms justify it all. The approach that Indians have and the support they show for their government on the recent ongoing Kashmir dispute clearly shows that they enjoy living in a bubble filled with lies.

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