Anti-Pakistani Propagandist Tarek Fatah Is Being Trolled For Allegedly Getting Coronavirus

Tarek Fatah coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to run rampant around the world. Affecting all and sundry, the total number of cases around the world has reached 3.3 million.

Where many heroes and loved ones are contracting this brutal illness, some who are disliked immensely haven’t been spared as well. Anti-Pakistan Propagandist and self-proclaimed journalist Tarek Fatah is the latest name on the list, or at least the world thought so.

Tarek Fatah COVID19

Source: ndtv

Many know Tarek Fatah as a Pakistani-Canadian journalist, but that is far from the truth. Tarek Fatah has always spoken against Pakistan, come up with conspiracies, and has always tried to malign the State. Soon after, Tarek Fatah left Pakistan and joined the other side of the border.

Moreover, the disgraced ‘journalist’ has even applied for Indian citizenship and runs his shop through the ‘sangi brigade’ in India.

The news of Tarek Fatah allegedly contracting COVID-19 coronavirus spread on Twitter. A couple of journalists confirmed the news. Since then, social media has been running a riot, making jokes out of Tarek Fatah’s illness.

This is how the public is taking Tarek Fatah’s alleged coronavirus contraction

However, much to the majority’s dismay, Tarek Fatah came out with a statement sooner than later. He said that he had not contracted coronavirus, and this was an ‘agenda’ against him.

Even though his statement is out, considering his past, people still think Tarek Fatah is lying and indeed, he is a coronavirus patient.

However, Tarek Fatah’s life remains very tragic. He is neither loved by Pakistanis, nor by Indians. He has been trolled by Indians as well for his sudden jerk remarks in the past.

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