Tapplock: The World’s First Fingerprint Sensor Padlock

Keeping up with the future – not likely to end – trends of touch sensor technology, a   company called Pishon Lab tackled the most annoying thing about padlocks – remembering the combination or getting the key.

gif8source: google

They created a smart padlock that will open with your fingerprint, similar to the way you would unlock a smart phone.

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The Tapplock – as Pishon Lab calls it, comes in two kinds, a larger variety that lasts upto three years, is water resistent and can charge up from your phone, using it for heavy duty locking and security.

pro2source: google

The smaller version TappLock Lite, that has a six-month battery life and can be used for bags, luggage, cupboards and smaller items.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-10-at-12.20.12-PMsource: google

With  Android and iOS apps, you can unlock the device using your smartphone and store up to 100 fingerprints, letting your family and friends use it too.

tapplocksource: google

Long gone are the days where you will be forced to fumble about trying to figure out the combination to school lockers, or feel frustration at forgetting to bring your keys for the lock when you need them. All you need is the fingers on your hands and the padlock itself!


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