Tapal Collaborates With NGOs In Ration Drive During Tough COVID-19 Times

Tapal CSR

As Pakistan continues its battle with COVID-19 coronavirus, the pattern of sustainability is what the country craves most right now. Every brand is seeking to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility, so the burden is eased in all the concerned quarters.

Among those brands, Tapal has been playing their part diligently and effectively, accepting the need to give and support others in these difficult times.

Tapal, being a homegrown Pakistani company, leading the market in tea, has recognized its role in helping the nation in these uncertain times. With their Corporate Social Responsibility on point, Tapal is making sure that they pitch in wherever needed. From ration packs being given to the needy, to Tapal’s own workforce, the brand is helping out everywhere.

In a bid to support the people of Pakistan in these tough times, Tapal has donated hundreds of thousands of tea packs as part of ration bags in daily staples through many different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Tapal believes in being socially responsibly and the brand has not shied away when it was needed the most.
Some of the organizations Tapal has partnered with are Saylani, Akhuwat, Shahid Afridi Foundation, Khubaib Foundation, Robinhood Army, and Hamdard.

Tapal provided these organizations with free tea to be incorporated in ration packs being prepared for distribution to daily wagers and deserving families. The brand has distributed ration packs to their own factory workers as well, because, in these troublesome times, Tapal wants to give back to their essential workers.

Moreover, apart from the donations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Tapal is committed to delivering the best products to customers across Pakistan. Not only does the brand care about others, but Tapal’s workers are as important to them.

Thus, Tapal has made sure that all the workers are equipped with thermal testing, masks, and gloves, daily. So they too can take care of themselves in the best way, along with others.

Not only this but as a heartwarming gesture, Tapal is also providing its workers with ration packs to ease their responsibilities at home, as a token of appreciation for their hard work in these challenging times.

As for Tapal Tea’s distributors, the brand has created a discounted price package to ease their burden as well. Together, they are brewing the strength of the nation. During these difficult times of the global pandemic, where companies are laying-off employees in vast numbers, brands like Tapal are showcasing their generous and kind nature — making sure that we all come out as winners.

While there seems to be no vaccine ready to end the pandemic yet, the world will have to show a lot of kindness towards each other to fight COVID-19 together. Right now, the best thing we can do is practice social distancing and sip tea from the comfort of our homes.

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