Tapal’s New ‘Mango’ And ‘Ginger Honey’ Flavours Are Changing The Healthy Game!

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Tapal has come out with two new flavours for their green-tea. Ever wondered how Mangoes would taste if they were in a green tea sachet? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Tapal celebrates the king of fruits by introducing a Mango flavour variant for their green tea. Imagine, now you don’t have to stay away from the aromatic smell of mangoes anymore, all year long!

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The other flavour introduced in this great launch is ginger-honey. Remember how the older generation always asks for honey and ginger with their green tea? Now the hassle seems to be sorted once and for all. The new ginger-honey green tea does not just offer a great taste but it also an extraordinary aroma, one that you will surely fall in love with.

Personally, I can relate to how these new flavours have made life convenient. Suffering from a sore throat and mild flu, my mother always made me green tea with honey and at times, ginger. We call it Shwanday Waal Shnay Chaye in Pashto.

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Since I have been living alone, I went to my local convenient store and was browsing through shelves when I came across Tapal’s new ginger-honey. Instantly, it felt so nostalgic looking at this combination that I had to get it. The first time I had this tea, instantly, I felt my immunity building back and the warmth to my throat was satisfying.

It wasn’t just my case. While surfing through Instagram I saw so many relatable posts and how people had fallen in love with these flavours!

Instagram falls in love with Tapal’s new green tea flavours

Super refreshing and a perfect combo of ingredients! #SoothingGingerHoney

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This picture screams ‘aesthetic’, doesn’t it?

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Nothing better than a cup of green tea after a long day!

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#KhanayKayBaad only Tapal green tea! #MangoForever

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These flavours launched by Tapal are not only taste bud tantalizers but also serve as the perfect addition to your everyday meals. Imagine, the taste of ginger-honey or mango green-tea right after eating a heavy meal. So light, so tasty!

There is nothing better than a cup of green tea after eating something oily or heavy and these new flavours only add to the charm of Tapal green tea’s wide range of flavours.

The best bit? You don’t have to carry all these different ingredients when you’re travelling. All you need to do is take your Tapal green-tea with you, put the sachet in some hot water and voila, it feels straight out of the kitchen.

Overall, as tested, the taste, aroma and actual feel of both the flavours are out of this world. Definitely, the ginger-honey and mango flavours are set to become instant hits with tea connoisseurs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get these new flavours from a shop near you, because you never know when they might disappear from shelves! #KhanayKayBaad #TapalGreenTea #MangoForever #SoothingGingerHoney

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