‘Meri Family, Meri Strength!’ – Pakistani Bloggers Dedicate Story Of Success To Their Families

We often see successful influencers, bloggers, social media celebrities and wonder, “how did they ever become so successful?”

Well, the answer to that question, lies in support that almost everyone has been blessed with. The key to this question only has one answer, which is family support.

Tapal, Pakistan’s most renowned tea brand, is out to promote this beautiful concept, through their delicious tea, and a new TVC that shows that with the support of your family, you can come through in every situation!

Along the lines of Tapal Family Mixture’s new TVC which focuses on ‘meri family, meri strength’ – Pakistani bloggers used the hashtag #MeriFamilyMeriStrength to become a part of the initiative, sharing the stories of their success.

Blogger and social media celebrity, Sami Rehman, shared his story of how he got into making videos and sketches back in 2009. Whilst making a cup of Tapal Family Mixture’s tea for his mother, he sheds light on a rather prolific journey.

Sami says: “I was okay in studies, but my mother knew I could do better than that. My family pushed me to take up film studies, and the story goes on. Wherever I am today, is because of my family. Because they developed my interest in film studies and supported me throughout – my family is my strength!”

Sami isn’t the only blogger who was supported by his family. For blogger Rida M Syed (@livelyrida), family means more than just sharing times of happiness with.

She recalls how her husband supported her through thick and thin, especially after her first pregnancy. Rida’s husband took care of his wife and his infant child, supporting her in every way possible.

Not just this, but Dany was the one who sparked Rida’s interest in blogging. He asked her to take up a hobby, as she was interested in writing and creativity. Rida shares the credit of her success with her family, which never left her side, regardless of the circumstances.

Enjoying a cup of Tapal Family Mixture tea with her husband and her son, Rida, looks as lively as ever.

Another blogger, who could not have made it without her family’s support, is Bazla Tauqir.

Bazla says that wherever and whatever she is today, is due to the support of her family. A family doesn’t just support you when you are married or have children. Bazla says that her family made her into the strong independent woman she is today.

From supporting her travel journeys, to her blogging career, Bazla credits her success to her loving and supportive family.

All these stories, are in sync with Tapal Family Mixture’s new TVC that has been sending positive waves around social media. The TVC shows a young boy Azaan, who seems dyslexic and underconfident of his own abilities.

It is Azaan’s family that supports him, gives him confidence. The family never protected Azaan but prepared him. The way he ends up impressing his potential boss, taking his interview, shows how every family has the ability to provide a sense of support and strength to each other.

Speech impediment was just one issue that Azaan’s family helps him overcome. Apart from that, the confidence they develop in him will help him achieve all his dreams.

The stories of these bloggers, and Tapal Family Mixture’s new TVC is bound to make you emotional. But it will also show you the importance and necessity of a strong bond between families. #TapalFamilyMixture #MeriFamilyMeriStrength

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