Tania Aidrus Resigns As PM Imran Khan’s Aide In ‘Greater Public Interest’

tania aidrus resigns

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus announced on Wednesday that she was resigning from her post due to the criticism levied against the government because of her dual-citizenship which made her resign.

In a tweet today, Tania Aidrus said criticism levied towards the state as a consequence of her citizenship status was clouding the purpose of Digital Pakistan. She further said in the ‘greater public interest’ she had submitted her resignation to the PM.

In the letter of her resign, Tania Aidrus stated that she had returned to Pakistan with the singular intent to contribute and develop the vision of a Digital Pakistan. She added that her Canadian nationality, a consequence of her birth and not an acquisition of choice, served as a distraction to her ability to execute the long-term vision for a Digital Pakistan.

Aidrus was an active part of PM Imran’s drive to enhance digital space in Pakistan. A few days back, she also condemned the ban on YouTube hinted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Tania Aidrus said banning YouTube was not a solution. She also emphasized how the platform had led to the creation of thousands of jobs over the years. Aidrus recalled how Pakistan’s content creator ecosystem had been held back the three years when YouTube was banned in the country.

“Banning a platform like YouTube is not a solution. The 3 years when YouTube was banned in Pakistan it held back our content creator ecosystem which has just started to flourish now, creating employment opportunities for thousands,” she tweeted.

Twitter shocked with Tania’s sudden decision

Soon, after the resign of Tania Aidrus from her position, Twitter is disappointed for losing yet another talented person from the current Pakistani government.

Aidrus left biggest tech giant Google to serve her homeland Pakistan. However, it is not immediately clear whether the former Google executive, Tania Aidrus resign has been accepted or not.


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