Talal Chaudhry from PMLN Character Assassins Bushra Bibi and It Is Not Done!

When the first rumor of Imran Khan’s third marriage with Bushra Bibi broke, it made it to the headlines of every top news media outlet of Pakistan. The initial rumor that Imran Khan has tied the knot with his peer was then clarified by the man himself.

Imran Khan, Who Didn’t Commit Any Crime For Choosing to Marry for the Third Time was Ambushed in a Disrespectful Manner

And Just Asked for Well Wishes from his Followers

Khan Didn’t Dismiss the Rumors Because his Intention of Marrying Bushra Bibi was Real and the Couple Tied the Knot

Now that Khan is Done with the Marriage, People Should Move On, Right?

Quite the opposite is happening. Investigative journalists and new media outlets are focusing on how Imran Khan married Bushra Bibi before the completion of her iddat.

And It Continued

Umar Cheema and his “Investigative Journalism”

While this “news” broke the internet and the channels, it also gave the opposition a new point to target Imran Khan with.

As dirty and vile as the politics can get, this gave another edge to political rivals while they run out of valid points to attack one another.

Talal Chaudhry, Took No Time and Used Imran Khan’s Marriage to Ridicule him

While he was doing so, he even dragged Bushra Bibi in a disrespectful manner.

Talal Chaudhry was not even asked about Imran Khan but he took it onto himself to talk about Khan’s third marriage while making fun of his “abilities” that lack in his age.

He then attacks Bushra bibi by saying, “Abhy iddat puri nahi thi aur pata nahi kis baat ki shiddat thi k sab karliya.”

The men with Talal Chaudhry laugh at this vile statement made regarding Bushra Bibi.

Watch the Interview Here:

Political men like Talal Chaudhry don’t deserve to be in power.

They have a vile mindset which disrespects women and even their opposition by making personal attacks. If you are so honest yourself, try making valid factual points while attacking the rival.

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