These Ladies Comparing Ages And Getting In An Argument Will Be The Best Thing You See Today

Aren’t we all a victim of comparison when it comes to grades? Weight? Height? Or even Age? I, for one, have always been compared with my cousins for every single thing. (Literally) You’d think that having same aged cousins is fun, it actually is, but not when some aunty; a distant relative or even my own ‘phopho’ tells me that I look older than my older cousin. Um, am I supposed to swap my face with someone else? Is it a competition which I don’t know of? (Sigh)

“Meena Bazar may ziada sasta tha” (uhh…)


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Now grades and everything aside, they won’t even care where they are standing and will start doing the only thing they know: comparing. Have you ever been stopped from buying something just because it’s 10 rupees more expensive than the one they bought from ‘meena bazar’? Trust me, you don’t ever want to have an eye contact with the shopkeeper when this happens. (A free advice from someone who has personally experienced this) It’s really hard to shop when for example, my phopho tags along and while checking out she says, “Bhai, thora to kum karain na hum itni door say aye hain.” Um, it’s a fixed price shop, please don’t embarrass me!

And then, those gossips…


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What’s more, my relatives, and to be specific my phophos (no offense to any phophos reading this) are always gossiping and comparing the ages of their own children. It’s almost like we were born to be in this ‘Age Marathon’. Does it matter that I was born 0.333 seconds after my cousin? Well apparently, it does to them. Kuch tou chordo!

It’s time to be smart

Guess what? I don’t have to go through any of the awkward situations ever again. Because now, I can shop without any interference of my ‘beloved aunties’. now gives me a chance to compare the prices while I shop online.

Yes! This means I don’t have to visit any stores individually. All I have to do is choose the product I want and Compare Karo will provide me with different prices by reputed online shops offering that same product.

How convenient! Now, be like Razia and Jamila and compare everything online before buying. Happy comparing!

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