Taher Shah Released His First Video In Urdu And People Are Shocked Once Again

2016 may have been one of the roughest years in the last decade for the world, in terms of a lot of different reasons. However, to bless 2017, Taher Shah a.k.a ‘King Shah’ is back with a bang and has brought along a message for humanity.

As soon as 2016 ended, Taher Shah released another masterpiece called ‘Humanity Love’ where the King sits on a gold throne, wearing a golden dress and petting a white cat. If that isn’t the perfect start to 2017, we don’t know what is.  Since 2016 has been dubbed as the ‘year of grief’ due to the numerous deaths, violation of human rights, wars, terrorist attacks and well, Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States, Taher Shah’s message for humanity speaks volumes about what the world needs to do in 2017.

The message says:

“Mohabbat hai emaan mera, pyaar meri pehchaan, sachi muhabbat toh ankhon ke zarriye dil mein basti hai, yeh hi muhabbat toh taa-umar, dil ke ghar mein rehti hai..

Muhabbat hai farishta, ankhon mein hai pyaar, muhabbat hai emaan mera.. pyaar meri pehchan. Izhar-e-muhabbat sachi muhabbat ka hi yeh israar hai, tu sacchi muhabbat kerne se kyun darta hai? Jab saccha pyar sapnon mein apni muhabbat se ker sakta hai..

Source: youtube.com

Source: youtube.com

Toh haqeeqat mein izhar-e-muhabbat kerne se kyun darta hai.. array, nuswa-e-muhabbat ka dusra naam hi farishta hai.. tu farishton se muhabbat kerne se kyun darta hai? Na dar.. woh tujhe zaroor apnayegi, gar teri muhabbat bhi farishta hai!”

The message literally translates to: “Love is my belief, it is also my identity.  True love finds its way to the heart from the eyes, this is the kind of love that stays in the heart forever.  

Love is an angel, love is in the eyes, love is my belief, love is my identity. Accepting true love is accepting real love, why are you scared to fall in true love? When you can truly love your love in dreams…

Source: geo.tv

Source: geo.tv

Then why are you scared to accept real love? The second name of love is ‘angel’… why are you scared to love angels? Don’t be afraid, she will definitely accept you if your love is an angel too!”

Here’s the video to Humanity Love


If that didn’t bring tears to your eyes, certainly, your heart is as cold as a stone on a winter night. King Shah has always worked towards promoting peace and harmony, love and friendship in the world. The latest message is the best way to start 2017, thank you, King Shah!

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