Taher Shah Explains The Philosophy Behind His Song ‘Farishta’

Taher Shah Farishta

Pakistan is undoubtedly filled with talent that doesn’t care about what others think. Which brings us to Taher Shah, the famously infamous singer who brought us revolutionary songs like ‘Eye to Eye’.

Labeled as the new ‘old’ song, Farishta was released by Taher Shah last week on April 10th which gathered mixed reactions from his admirers. However, this time, the controversial singer opted for an animated video rather than becoming the Farishta himself. Earlier today, to make the philosophy behind ‘Farishta’ relevant for the masses, Taher Shah posted a tweet.

Here’s what Taher Shah’s Farishta is all about

As per the tweet, Farishta is based on children as they are the angels of their parents’ life and the future of the country. From writing the song to directing the animated video and then even producing it, every single thing was done by Taher Shah himself. Furthermore, in his recent tweet, the singer also explained the built character’s motive in the video.

Taher Shah explains his latest song

According to Taher Shah, he loved how he introduced the character of the king kid arriving from the sky along with his loyal unicorn friend. The unicorn then takes the kid to a fantasy land where he meets a butterfly which then transforms into a fairy. Eventually, the king child and the fairy fall in love and stay t0gether forever and ever.

Telling about the protagonist character that is the king child, Taher Shah revealed that it’s based on his own real-life son. Moreover, he said that the character also represents every child in the world as they are all ‘Farishtas’. Shah further states that his song is the message of peace and love for the whole world as there’s a Farishta residing inside a child, everywhere.

Hold onto your farishtas so that they don’t leave you

The song’s release had to delayed at least twice due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was meant to be released on March 23 but then it was postponed till April 10. The video itself is definitely a piece of work and the song has given Pakistanis a reason to smile in the current tense scenario. However, it might have hurt the sentiments of Shah’s fans who had been waiting to see him in the video.

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