Police Catches 19 Members Of Tableeghi Jamat Being Smuggled Into Islamabad

covid19 tablighi jamat

While the administration and government have decided to prolong the partial lockdown of the country till April 14th, everything seems haywire. As per reports, 19 members who took part in tableeghi operations recently were caught by Punjab police.

A truck carrying 19 members of the Jamaat was suspiciously stopped on the Islamabad Highway toll plaza. Upon opening the back of the truck, 19 people sitting next to each other were discovered hiding in the back.

They informed the police that they were coming from Multan. Govt and health officials have asked everyone who recently took part in tableeghi programs should quarantine themselves. However, this protocol was not being followed.

It is unclear that if any of the people being smuggled into Islamabad had or showed symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus. Till now, people have been complaining about the disaffection and agenda towards members of tableeghi jamaat. However, many have been claiming that the jamatees have been sold off for media trials.

On the same issue, members of the govt spoke as well. They were of the opinion that the collective use of this word is wrong. Moreover, some have been saying that they should not be referred to collectively because of a few cases.

On the other hand, it’s clear that the number of cases in members who recently took part in the mass gathering is very high.


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