Tabiyat.Pk & Getz Pharma enter into a strategic e-commerce partnership

getz pharma

Today Tabiyat.PK signed an agreement with GETZ Pharma, enabling consumers to access GETZ Pharma products through the platforms. This partnership ceremony marks a milestone event for Tabiyat.PK as they can now source products directly from the largest pharma player in Pakistan.

The event was hosted at the Getz Pharma office and was attended by Abdullah Zubair (GM Commercial Operations), Asad Khan ( CEO & Co-Founder Tabiyat.PK) along with their core team members. At the event Dr. Jahanzeb Kamal Khan ( Director Medical Affair) stated “This collaboration will provide significant cost and time savings for the patients and caregivers, while making sure high quality products are expediently available for the treatment at doorstep”.

Tabiyat.PK, a leading health-tech startup started its operations in September 2020 & has delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers across Karachi within a 4 hour-period. They have invested heavily in building a replicable infrastructure with a purpose-built temperature-controlled warehouse, technology stack focused on just-in-time medicine inventory, integrated supply chain and an AI powered logistics solution. This proprietary system enabled the company to seamlessly fulfil the operational needs of both B2B and B2C customers.

Asad Khan stated “ Our mission at is to make sure every person in Pakistan has access to authentic medicines. Through our partnership with Getz Pharma, the largest pharma player in Pakistan, we are able to strengthen this mission by making their range of products available directly to the consumer through our platforms. We hope this paves the way for other big Pharma companies to sell their products from our platform & together we revolutionize healthtech in Pakistan”.

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