Tabiyat.PK Pokes Fun At Indian & New Zealand Cricket Team In Latest Marketing Campaign

Tabiyat.PK Pokes Fun At Indian & New Zealand Cricket Team In Latest Marketing Campaign

Pakistan made history on Sunday night by defeating India in the World Cup & Tabiyat.PK made history by tagging the Indian Cricket Team in a witty status that went viral.


Tabiyat.PK is a leading health-tech platform that delivers authentic medicines to consumers nationwide. On Sunday night, the brand started posting witty statues on its social media to create hype over the India/ Pakistan match which successfully created lots of traction.

At the end of the match, to top off Pakistan’s victory, Tabiyat.PK tagged the Indian Cricket team and told them to order so that they can get painkillers delivered for free and added  “since we know you are going through a lot of pain.”


Keeping up with the momentum of the World Cup the wittiness carried onto the New Zealand match that was centered around the team leaving Pakistan early because of security issues.

Tabiyat.PK used the opportunity to mock the team by posting before the match “ Ssshh…Darna Mana Hai. is baar pakka pakka wapis ghar he bhej dein?” 

When Pakistan won yet again, the brand ended the campaign on a bang by calling on the New Zealand team to order Burnol and Canbebe Diapers from its website to deal with its defeat.

Source: Tabiyat,pk

Tabiyat.PK made a bold move as a brand by poking fun at the opposing team yet at the same time linking it to the brand & it turned out successful by attracting a lot of attention from viewers.

The brand is on an upward trajectory, not just with its social media but also in its presence in the country. Started off in Karachi in September 2020, Tabiyat.PK has now opened in Lahore & Islamabad with delivery nationwide.

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