Tabish Hashmi Faces Criticism for Inappropriate Comedy

Tabish Hashmi Faces Criticism for Inappropriate Comedy

Tabish Hashmi, a popular Pakistani host and standup comedian, known for his bold comedy style, is facing severe public backlash for his recent comments during a PSL special transmission for Geo. Rising to fame through shows like To Be Honest and Hansna Mana Hai, Hashmi’s unfiltered thoughts often generate mixed reactions from the audience.

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In a viral clip from his PSL show, co-host Mariyam Nafees shared her favorite PSL team preferences. However, Tabish Hashmi responded with an inappropriate remark about Mariyam’s husband, drawing criticism from viewers. The public is expressing disappointment over the comedian’s choice of cheap and personal humor, especially on a national television platform with a broad audience.

Fans are actively condemning Tabish Hashmi for his remarks, emphasizing the need for accountability and urging him to reconsider his approach to comedy, emphasizing the importance of maintaining standards on widely watched programs. The incident has sparked a conversation about responsible and respectful humor in the entertainment industry.

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