This Pakistani Has A Rare Collection Of Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s ‘Tabarukaat’ & It’s Beautiful

Holy Prophet Tabarukaat collection

Our friend from DailyPakistan, Yasir Shami, is more than just a social media entertainer. Finding the rarest, weirdest and most viral content on social media – Yasir never disappoints. What if you are told that you can see the collection of Tabarukaat of Holy prophet (PBUH), even the thought of it is beautiful.

This time, Yasir ended up doing something so huge for the people, that content like this might never come his way again.

Yasir has us meet Syed Arsalan Shah Gillani, a true Syed of Gillani heritage, descending from Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA). Arsalan Shah is no ordinary man.

Prophet Muhammad Juba
Source: DailyPakistan

Recognized from Spain to Turkey, from Middle East to Saudi Arabia, Arsalan Shah is a renowned name with religious clerics and collectors of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Tabarukaat.

Tabarukaat is basically things of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he either left behind or once belonged to him. These Tabarukaat are then followed down by Sahaba Karam and then to the Syeds.

Arsalan Shah is an avid collector of Tabarukaat and has some of the most amazing souvenirs of early Islam, which belonged to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself.

WATCH: Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Tabarukaat in Pakistan

Woh Pakistani jiskay pas Nabi Pak (s.a.w) ka jubba, Baal mubarak aur beshumar tabarrukat mojud hain, aap b ziarat kar k eman taza karei

Woh Pakistani jiskay pas Nabi Pak (s.a.w) ka jubba, Baal mubarak aur beshumar tabarrukat mojud hain, aap b ziarat kar k eman taza karei

Gepostet von Daily Pakistan am Sonntag, 30. August 2020

The Holy Tabarukaat include Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Jubba Sharif, his hair (from the Last Sermon), replicas of his Swords (Al-Kazeed and Al-Masoor), cloth from his Turban, and many other things.

Arsalan Shah got these Tabarukaat as gifts from honorable Muslims from around the world. As per his claims, all these belongings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have certificates and official letters with them – with seals from the times of the Sahabas.

Holy Prophet's Hair
Source: DailyPakistan

Not just Tabarukaat collection of Holy Prophet (PBUH), but Shah has a whole collection of other Islamic souvenirs such as a rope that lifts the window of Gumbad-e-Khizra, the broom used to sweep the Holy Kaaba among many other things.

Arsalan Shah surely is a lucky man. But you too can be lucky, as Arsalan Shah Gillani opens his doors and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Tabarukaat to the general public as well.

So, if you want to do zyarat of these Tabarukaat, you need to get in touch with Syed Arsalan Shah Gillani, the holder of these Tabarukaat. Our Prophet (PBUH) was a unique man, the way he did things, so one could. You can check how our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr in his time as well.

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