Makeup Artist Syed Hussain An Witness Breaks Silence On Sana Javed’s Incident

In the past few days, actress Sana Javed has been bashed over her attitude, people who worked with her criticized and accused her of heavy remarks. Soon the news came out everything went wild and social media flooded with a lot of tweets.

Netizens were seeking real stories because after the allegations came out many of Sana Javed’s friends came in to support her and reveal the truth.

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But one of the famous makeup artists Syed Hussain came in forward, revealed that he was there, and witnessed the whole thing.

He has also shared his version of the story to clarify the whole drama that went down which turned out into some legal actions.

Syed Hussain’s version of Sana Javed’s incident

With the little glimpse of what exactly went down, two strong faces came out with the allegations against Sana Javed claiming about her misbehavior and one makeup artist exposed her on how she treats others.  


But soon the whole news came out on social media, Sana Javed didn’t miss a chance and filed a lawsuit against those who exposed her and allegedly criticized her for her behavior.

Syed Hussain took the matter to his Instagram, he wrote “Hey respected readers, I am here to give an official statement on the current situation which is creating an unwanted hype all over social media in regards to model Manal Saleem and actress Sana Javed.”

He went on to assure that since he was the “only makeup artist” for both celebs on the day the [said] incident happened, “as well as an eyewitness,” he stands with the truth, “which is that there was only one makeup artist and only one room,” allocated to all models for their makeup, during the whole shoot. “Manal came to the shoot first and I was doing her makeup when Sana arrived.” he recollected

“She [Javed] asked for Manal to be removed from the room. Manal left and my assistant completed her look. In the middle of the shoot, Sana interrupted Manal’s shots upon which Manal protested and Sana responded with harsh words.

And yes, I heard Sana call her manager and while on call, say, “Mat bulaya karo mujhe do takkay ki models ke sath shoot karne (Don’t call me to shoot with cheap models).”

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After confirming Saleem’s account, he went further Javed’s said behavior, “Being a part of this industry I strongly condemn such behavior, whether it’s from a junior artist or a known celebrity. No one has the right to humiliate anyone.”

Few were in favor of Sana Javed’s behavior

After all the drama, many of the celebrities jumped in favor of Sana Javed. Some of the famous faces such as Nadeem Baig and Fahad Mustafa, found the Khaani star to be “completely professional” and “extremely humble,”

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Even Hira Umer and Ellie Zaid, who played Javed’s friends in Aye Musht-e-Khaak also swear on this. But on the other hand, Sonia Mishal slammed Sana Javed for sending a legal notice to co-stars for apparently running a “proper planned smear campaign.”

Mishal revealed that “Since she [Javed] was the ‘bigger star’, all her concerns were taken care of, she got all [makeup artists] replaced and eventually left the project, leaving us with days of a reshoot.”

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