University Of Sydney Honors Pakistan’s Hussain Nadim With Its ‘Young Alumni’ Award

University Sydney Hussain Nadim Award

Pakistan is filled with sheer talent that proves itself on different stages of the world from time to time making it’s country proud. Social media is filled with such examples that garner massive appreciation from all corners.

From innovating something to playing their role in the betterment of the society, Pakistanis have done it all, perfectly. Earlier, this year, Dr. Khan, a scientist from Pakistan invented the world’s first portable MRI scanner for medical feasibility. Following the same trail, recently, a Pakistani national received a precious honor from the University of Sydney for his humanitarian efforts.

The University of Sydney honors Pakistani policy-maker

Certainly, this isn’t the first time a Pakistani has made his mark across the world and definitely, it won’t be the last. According to the acquired details, Hussain Nadim is currently running a policy-making agency called ‘Nerve Center’ in Pakistan. An alumnus of the University of Sydney, Nadim studied the Government and International Relations over his years.

This week, on Thursday, the research handle of the University of Sydney, ‘School and Political Science (SPSS)’ announced the big news. Hussain Nadim has been given the ‘Outstanding Achievements of Young Alumni Award’. In Pakistan, Nadim provides policy advice to the government on matters of peace and security.

Hussain Nadim’s reaction to winning

Retweeting SPSS’s tweet, Hussain Nadim expressed his feelings and how honored he is on receiving the award. He shared,  ”I arrived in Sydney in 2015 when extremism was on the rise. For the next 3 years, I helped the Australian Govt in its pve/cve policy & wrote extensively on the subject. Very humbled to have received this recognition today & hope to contribute in every little way I can here in Pakistan.”

As the image of Pakistan still gathers dirt form some parts of the world, such individuals are cleaning that out. With his incredible work, Hussain Nadim makes sure that no matter what happens, Pakistan will always come first. When people like Nadim are achieving this much without any proper facilitation, imagine, what if the authorities start backing them?

Well, rationally, that is not going to happen anytime soon but the government should support and push the country’s talent. Speaking of which, previously, a group of university students in Karachi invented plastic bags that can be eaten. Apparently, this idea revolves around the fact that increasing plastic pollution needs to be controlled for a healthy environment.

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