“Mbappe Out Of EURO”-Spain & Switzerland In The Quarter-Finals

Euro 2020 is getting more exciter and the knocks stage is getting more intense the way teams have played. Last night what happened, shocked the football fans with the outstanding performance by the teams and an amazing comeback too.

Last night not one but two matches were played and each one of them was entertaining in every manner. The World Champion ‘France’ has been knocked out by Switzerland in the knockout stage with the major upset of the evening.

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On the other hand, Spain made an amazing comeback with a five goals cushion against the World Cup runner-up Croatia.

But France’s defeat took the whole limelight because they were the favorites since their World Cup journey and no one thought they would face such defeat against Switzerland.

France Out of Euro-No Goal for Kylian Mbappe

Match started with super excitement, everyone was expecting the obvious outcome Switzerland charged early on, and in the 15th minute, Haris Seferovic scored the first goal for his side. Right after that, France got aggressive and started attacking.

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The first half ended with the one-nil score, in the 57th minute the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema opened the treasure of goals with the sweet quick finish and gave his team great hope.  

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Right after the equalizer, Switzerland got the chance to take the lead with the penalty but ILorris stood like a wall in front of Rodriguez and saved it. 

It looked like Benzema was fully charged to score goals because in the 59th minute with the beautiful chip by Antoine Griezman Karim Benzema put the ball into the net with his head and gave his team two goals lead.

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France was in the full-on mood to demolish Switzerland because in the 76th minute Paul Pogba who already headlined for his controversial Heinekens bottle hiding incident scored a classic goal from outside the box.

His goal made sure that France is through to the quarter-finals, but in the last 9 minutes, the whole picture changed. Haris Seferovic scored another goal to give his side a little hope and the in the 90th minute Mario Gavranovic scored an amazing goal and beaten ILorris to make an outstanding equalizer.

Penalty Shootout- Mbappe Missed a Crucial Penalty

Both the teams played extra time too, but no result then comes penalty shootout where both the team’s players scored every penalty.

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Now comes Kylian Mbappe who hasn’t scored a single goal neither assisted in the tournament got the chance to score and give his side a big win. But guess what, Yann Sommer did a brilliant save and led his side to the quarter-finals.

And knocked out the world champions from the Euro 2020, the favorites of every football fan out there. This year’s Euro is full of surprises, not only Kylian Mbappe but also the all-time score scorer Cristiano Ronaldo was also knocked out by Belgium.

Don’t forget, Cristiano Ronaldo cost Coca Cola around $4 Billion loss when he removed their bottles during a post-match press conference of Euro 2020.

Post-Match Reaction

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Vladimir Petkovic shared his views on his side’s big win, “No normal side would have come back from 3-1 down against the world champions,” as he headed to face Spain in the quarter-finals he said, “I will be asking for the same from them again.”

Xhaka The Skipper

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The skipper and man of the match Granit Xhaka also shared his remarks. “I’ve always said this team deserved a lot more than you can read,”

“There was so much discussion about this team. They said we were arrogant but I can guarantee you one thing, we wrote history. All Swiss people can be proud. We achieved something impossible to describe with words.

“I had a positive feeling and in my opinion, we played a perfect first half. Then we missed a penalty and conceded three goals. This was a slap in the face but we committed mistakes.

“But that we still turned it around against a team such as France, with all the top players in their ranks, is just unbelievable,” further he added “It was the 65th or the 68th minute,

I looked up at the stadium clock, it was a corner against us and I said to Yann (Sommer), we have to wake up or this will all be over.

“It was too early to give up, we had 25 minutes left and I knew when we pulled it back to 3-2, we could go on and equalize.

“We were the better team and we wanted to win the match then in extra time. Then, in the end, we were lucky that we have a great goalkeeper to save the penalty.”

Tonight the big match will be played between Germany and England. Two European giants collide. Switzerland and Spain both made huge comebacks and earned the spot.

Although Switzerland for the first reached the last of 16 in a major tournament since they hosted the World Cup in 1954.

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