These Beautiful Places Prove Why Swat Is Pakistan’s New Tourism Hotspot!

Swat Pakistan's Tourism Hotspot

The happening scenes regarding Pakistan’s tourism stance are providing the world to explore the exotic destinations the country holds. Laced with sheer beauty and lush green landscapes, Pakistan is emerging as the new preference for foreign tourists in the traveling domain. Among all the sightseeing for world travelers, Swat is becoming Pakistan’s new tourism hotspot and no one can challenge that.

Pakistan’s Swat area that carries the most amazing landscapes!

Called as ‘Pakistan’s Switzerland’, the Swat area lying in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province is gradually becoming the leading attraction. Carrying a large number of appealing places in the region, Swat in Malakand District always crosses one’s mind while planning a tour de Pakistan. As not only foreigners, many Pakistanis are deprived of seeing their country to a full extent due to various circumstances, here’s a listing of some of the most beautiful destinations in Swat that demands to be seen.

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1. Mohmand Lake: Holding a strong ranking among the tourist choices of the travelers, Mohmand lake situated in the upper Ushu Valley of Swat is a must-visit place while exploring Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The breathtaking lake can be used for boating and fishing and its area can only be covered by a four-wheel drive. If you are interested in experiencing the sheer beauty of Pakistan, Swat is the place to be.


2. Mingora: Considered to be one of the most heavenly cities of Pakistan, Mingora has always been the attraction spot for tourists. A colorful city located alongside running clear lake and surrounded by beautiful gigantic mountains is the sight to see. This breathtaking town is situated in the Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and a large number of foreign and local travelers visit Mingora every year.


3. Kumrat Valley: A valley situated in the Upper Dir District of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, Kumrat has got all the attractive vibes which haven’t been properly explored till now. Such spectacular sceneries with magnificent coverage of lush green meadows create the best views for photographic postures. This place can easily make you fall in love with it and a visit to this valley is a must on your next trip to Swat.

4. Kooh Lake (Color Changing Lake), Kalam: Widely known for its color-changing capability, Kooh Lake in Swat’s Kalam area has been attracting many tourists because of its unique kind. The crystal clear water without any artificial amendments in it attracts a large number of tourists from around the world and is becoming a famous traveling destination of Pakistan.


5. Shingrai Waterfall: In getting itself among the beautiful tourist spots of Swat, this waterfall is one of its kind. The Shingrai Waterfall is flowing on the foothill of Dwaseray peaks and is on an hour drive from Mingora city. The serenity and aesthetics of the waterfall are so appealing that its visitor gets lost in its calmly flowing pristine water and its bright green environment.

Waadi Swat

6. Shingardar Stupa, Ghalegay: Swat is not only famous for its mountains and rivers but this unique Stupa also carries significant importance in the tour. Located in Swat’s Ghalegay village near the Shingardar town, this Stupa is said to be associated with Buddhism and is one of the famous monumental structures present in the region.

7. Fizagat Park: Covered by beautiful mountains along with the peaceful atmosphere, Fizagat park is located in the city of Mingora. Tourists visit this place to experience the sheer serenity and especially the food stalls that are ever-ready to excite your tastebuds. This park is also said to be one of the best spots Swat has to offer.



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Well, these are the spots which need to be visited whenever you think of traveling to Swat. Honestly, Pakistan is filled with breathtaking sights but because of lack of concentration of the tourism department in the last few years, these places had been facing extreme neglect. But as tourism in the country is currently on the verge to boom, hopes are high that it will gradually regain its long lost importance.

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