Motorway Rape: Shocking Confession Of Abid Ali About How He Trapped The Woman & Evaded Arrest

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Abid Ali, the principal suspect in the Lahore motorway rape incident, has given a confession how he managed to hide from the police for almost a month before he was finally arrested on Monday evening.

According to Geo News, Ali spent the entire month traveling. Furthermore, using public transport, he visited several cities in Punjab. The criminal used a face mask to hide his identity. 

Ali revealed he had left for Nankana Sahib after raping the woman on the motorway. Whereas, his associate, Shafqat, flew to Dialpur. 

From Nankana Sahib Ali went to Bahawalpur, where he again evaded the police with the help of a face mask. 

“I traveled through various cities in public transport,” Ali was quoted as saying in the report.

Source: Hamari Web

However, the police ultimately caught the felon after he made contact with his wife as he was out of money.

‘We took her children off the motorway’

“Me, Shafqat and Bala Mistri went [to the highway] to commit robberies near Karol village,” Ali said in his statement to the police, as per sources. 

“Mistri did not proceed with us. However, Shafqat and I went towards the jungle in Karol.”

Ali confessed that before looting and raping the woman, he and Shafqat robbed truck drivers on the motorway adjacent to Karol village. 

confession Abid Ali
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He said the flashing indicators of the car had taken their attention and, upon noticing a woman in, Ali approached there and asked her to come out. 

He said the woman refused coming out so he broke the window and dragged the ill-fated woman. 

“After robbing the woman of her watch, jewelry, and money, we told her to go down the motorway,” he reportedly stated. 

“When the woman refused to do so, we took her children off the motorway, and the woman followed to protect them.”

Abid Ali then gave his confession that he and his accomplice gang-raped the woman off the motorway after she came down to protect her children. Furthermore, Ali said he and his partner flew from the crime scene after the Dolphin Police arrived. 

Police have arrested the felon using scientific methods. Meanwhile, haunting details of what happened to the motorway rape victim has left everyone in Pakistan restless. Let’s wait and watch, what happens next in the case.

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