Surgical Strike Claim is the Second Indian Media Lie In One Week

Surgical Strike Claim is the Second Indian Media Lie In One Week

Indian media, as always, continues to fool its own people. It’s not the first time that the Indian national narrative is being set by Indian establishment inspired bye media. Recently, the same Indian media told Indians that Russia has cancelled its military exercises in Pakistan and showed it as a victory for Indian diplomacy, but Russia went ahead with it anyways.

Again, this time, with elections coming; the Modi government needs something to give as a lollipop to its people. So what did it do? It is now promoting LOC firing as a surgical strike. Maybe it’s the first ever surgical strike using artillery firing.

Let’s face it: with the ongoing ‘high-mark’ exercises of PAF it’s practically impossible for Indian Air Force to even enter the Pakistani air space. And obviously, it did not. It might be the first ever ‘surgical strike’ on a country without even entering it.

In the artillery firing 2 Pakistani soldiers were martyred and Pakistan responded and gave India heavier causalities. 6 Indian deaths have been reported. Indian media is hiding the news to celebrate and fool its people. Yep, it’s that easy.

Let’s check out what this former Indian Law Enforcer has to say:

And there is Indian media doing what it does best: creating a war hysteria

And Indian Army will release evidence… … in Phantom 2

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