Surf Excel’s Latest Ramadan TVC Is Winning So Many Hearts And Yours Is Next!

We’ve finally entered the most awaited month of the year which is the holiest of them all. Muslims all around the world not only abstain themselves from the bad, but they also engage themselves in prayers and seek forgiveness from ALLAH (SWT).

Speaking of Ramadan, young children are encouraged to fast and taught the importance of fasting in this holy month. And just like so, Surf Excel, has amazed us once again in this month. After constantly launching thoughtful and creative campaigns since the past 3 years, they’ve made their way to the hearts of Pakistanis one more time!

Just recently, we mentioned that Excel will be coming up with a Ramadan campaign very soon, and well, it’s finally here! Just like every other year, the campaign has touched everyone’s heart with a beautiful, strong message!

Check out this adorable ad!

This TVC just goes to show how God listens to everyone through prayers. The cute little kid in the TVC, dressed in a white kurta shalwar is fasting for the first time. With his mother alongside him, she prays for the acceptance of his first roza and his safe life; holding his little hands. Carefully listening to his mother’s dua, he quickly rushes to his best friend’s house only to find him going for his treatment and prays for him just like his mother did for him.

The ad gives a strong message as to how little children are quick learners and are always learning something new from their parents/family’s actions. Just like Salim, this is exactly how every child learns kindness and how it then, becomes a chain reaction. It’s important to remember that the power of kindness starts in your home.

And well, this adorable was sure to win so many hearts! Have at look at the reactions below!

Indeed, it was beautiful and full of emotions – as always!

Are you crying yet??

So much cuteness!

Surf Excel’s campaigns have always been lauded by the masses because of the emotional connect and how they actually celebrate the true essence of Ramadan. Oh! And how can we forget about the itty bitty details they never tend to miss out on?

What do you think about this TVC? Let us know in the comments below!

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