Supreme Court Allows Arshad Malik To Continue Duties As PIA CEO!

supreme court arshad malik

As of today, the Supreme Court announces the verdict to repudiate allegations on Arshad Malik and let him carry on with his position as PIA CEO. The latter will be taking charge of effectuating his duties as supervisor of the national carrier.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed, alongside two others, was responsible for formulating the final decision, following the petition hearing.

SC Lift Charges On PIA’s CEO Arshad Malik!

Previously, the general secretary of the airline’s Senior Staff Association (SASA), Safdar Anjum filed the petition against Arshad Malik. The charges, nonetheless, enumerated that the Malik never met the educational requirement deemed necessary for the post. Also, the acting CEO did not have any past experience that could be related.

supreme court arshad malik

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CJP Gulzar bestowed a chance to the government, as to prove of any noteworthy work that PIA has carried out up until now. Responding to the CJP’s concerns, the Attorney General of Pakistan Khalid Jawed claimed, Arshad would prove himself prosperous in taking PIA forward. An exemplar of which is, in December 2019, under the supervision of Malik, PIA brought back 300 stuck Pakistanis from Malaysia.

Contrarily, board member, Justice Ijaz Ahsan inculpated the government, for waging the war against the airline. Furthermore, the judge claimed that if actions were taken on time, the airline would have flourished gradually.

Nevertheless, the court adjourned with a hankering that Arshad Malik will resume his duties. And surely, would help remove the PIA’s degraded status of ‘being on the ventilator‘.

supreme court arshad malik

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Gulzar’s Comments On The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Meanwhile, the CJP also brought into the discussion, the fallibility and of the government. The Novel Coronavirus sustains its motive of drastically dragging the world’s population into hell. It looks like the government has not shown any significant work to stop its outspread.

Gulzar remarked: “The coronavirus came from abroad through the airports due to PIA and the government’s incompetence. If security remains like this, then I do not know what kind of new diseases will be introduced to the country in the future.

Following these comments, the CJP acknowledged that the government asks for help, despite initiating any work from its side.

As of now, the Coronavirus has infected over 254 patients in Sindh.

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