A Bright Orphan Student Of Cadet College Bhurban Needs Your Help

Orphan Help Education

Coronavirus brought with it a handful of stress, anxiety, and depression. Yet there are some kind-hearted individuals whose spirits are as high as the sky. They don’t leave a stone unturned in bringing to the needful a moral to financial support. While some are helping to collect donations for rations, some are busy supporting in any way possible. This person is supporting an orphan’s education–a student of Cadet College, Bhurban–is now appealing the nation to support him further by making generous donations.

His appeal; our support

In the tweet, he writes, “We are supporting an orphan’s education who got into CADET COLLEGE BHURBAN last year with [the] help of many friends. Now his 2nd year’s fee is due on the 1st of June (already an extended date).

His future is in our hands. Please donate as much as you can. Let’s do something good this Ramazan”

Following the caption is an attachment of the document that comprises the information of the orphan. The document also shows the amount required for the fee, other than other necessary information for anyone willing to join hands for this cause.

Major. Arham and his meaningful cause

This person, Major. Arham is expecting to raise Rs. 285,000 for this cause. He expects people to make generous donations in the spirit of Ramzan, the month when every believer of the faith makes donations, keeps fast, does ibadat. While some are helping to prepare rations for the affected, some are raising funds, this person is trying to fulfill an orphan’s educational needs. Isn’t this, in fact, the way to practice Islam this month?

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