Super Tuesday: Why is it Important?

In the United States, Super Tuesday refers to when the greatest number of states hold primary elections early in the United States presidential primary season. Each candidate from both Democrats and Republicans parties needs the support of a number of delegates to win the nomination.

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Candidates running for presidency must do well on this day to secure their party’s nomination, and can be nominated for the presidential run. Super Tuesday is seen as the biggest test of the 2016 presidential primary season as it shows which candidates from both parties would be nominated this summer.

Tuesday is generally the selected traditional day for elections in the United States, a huge example being the main election day in the United States, held every four years on a Tuesday in November. Super Tuesday this year was on March 1st.

Why is it important?

Size is everything for Super Tuesday. The higher the vote count, the higher the chance of the candidate being nominated. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton won the Super Tuesday Polls respectively for the Republicans and Democrats parties.

That’s right.

Donald Trump.

This guy:

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Dominated the Super Tuesday Polls by winning 7 states.

Now Trump has shown his concern on many, many different issues and topics:


Cultural Trends

Social Problems

Aaand his profession: Political Issues

The fact is, Donald Trump’s popularity increases the chances of him becoming a very real presidential candidate – and eventually winning the elections. 


Encouraging and spreading awareness of the presidential elections and of the candidates from their respective parties is very important so people are aware of the political situation that will inevitably effect us – especially if Donald Trump becomes president.

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