ICC Changes Super Over Rule 3 Months After World Cup Controversy!

super over rules

World Cup Final 2019 was so twisted that even the winner of England became questionable. All because of the super over rules. The boundary count rule. England and New Zealand were on a tie even after the Super Over. So according to the previous rule whoever secured more boundaries throughout the match wins.

The whole world was convinced that the rule seems fairly unfair. Because securing more boundaries is no criterion to decide whether a team deserves to win or not. But well England did in this year’s World Cup final. However, ICC had to face a lot of criticism from fans, experts, former cricketers, and umpires. All of them demanded some change in the rules of boundary count with Super Over.

ICC’s Statement Regarding Changes In Super Over Rule

3 months later to the world cup final 2019 the decision has been made. ICC held a board meeting in Dubai. And gave out a statement post-meeting.

Following on from a recommendation from the ICC Cricket Committee, the Chief Executives’ Committee agreed that use of the Super Over as a way to decide results at ICC events will be retained.

“Both the Cricket Committee and CEC agreed it was an exciting and engaging conclusion to the game and will remain in place covering all games at both ODI and T20I World Cups.

“In group stages, if the Super Over is tied the match will be tied. In semi-finals and finals, there is one change to the Super Over-regulation, in keeping with the basic principle of scoring more runs than the opponent to win, the Super Over will be repeated until one team has more runs than the other.

ICC has scrapped off the old boundary count rule with this statement. And has made it clear that the only way to win a match is to score more runs than the other team. So, for that, the teams will keep playing one after another Super Over until one of them is declared the winner. Now, this rule seems a lot fairer.

This Rule Changes The World Cup 2019 Winner

If this rule was the standard back then there were equal chances for both teams to win. Since the winner would have been decided from the Super Over and not boundary count.

Another Super Over. Different results. A different winner. The previous rule did bring a great loss to the team of New Zealand. However, the good news is that no other team would be going through the same drama ever.

This time as Eoin Morgan said, Allah was with England. So yeah, they did get lucky.

Anyhow, there was one thing that we got to know through this close edge competence in the World Cup final. Both the teams were absolutely deserving to get in the finals. The whole world was actually sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their nails. This was the final that we had always wanted to see.

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