Sunsilk Unveils an Empowering Campaign with #ShaanSeShine

Sunsilk Unveils an Empowering Campaign with #ShaanSeShine

Centering around the idea of breaking stereotypes and celebrating girls all across the country for their achievements, Unilever’s brand Sunsilk Black Shine brought about a campaign that evokes talkability and conversations around an issue that stigmatises our society and haunts young girls, discouraging them from following their dreams.

#ShaanSeShine was first spotted when influencers and celebrities posted black and white pictures with their faces unrevealed and their hair on display. These celebrities, influencers, and girls belonged to different walks of life. The campaign gained more momentum as these girls shared their stories via a video in the second phase. These videos showed the optimistic viewpoint of how these leading faces and influencers changed societal conventions and rose to success.

The engagement on the campaign itself came out beautifully with an unstoppable community of girls sharing their inspirational narratives of change. The impactful campaign included stories of famous celebrities such as Sarwat Gilani, leading sports athletes such as Hajra Khan, the motorcycle girl of Pakistan, Zenith Irfan, and influencers and leading content creators such as Amafah and Amtul  Baweja.

Phrases like “Larki ho, kaise kar paoge” is the usual stereotype and stance presented by many who stand in the way of girls and their ultimate success. But with the platform of Sunsilk, girls showcased how with sheer determination, strength, and passion they achieved their dreams. We hope that this campaign can foster motivation and courage in other girls to achieve their goals.

Syed Fahad Husain, from the Sunsilk brand team shed more light on the purpose of this campaign.

“Sunsilk’s brand purpose is to open up possibilities for girls in Pakistan by inspiring them through real inspirational stories so they’re able to take all challenges head-on and are able to shine in their own unique way.  With Black Shine’s #ShaanSeShine campaign, we wanted to focus on diversifying the thought process of society when they look at a girl and assume one thing about her and lead to dictating her life goals. I strongly feel that we achieved to highlight that problematic nature through this campaign and were able to showcase through real inspirational stories on how to break away from that stereotype positively”.

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