Chaos At Sukkur Quarantine Facility After Patients, Suspects Break Out!

Chaos At Sukkur Quarantine Facility After Patients, Suspects Break Out!

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Almost 100 quarantined patients and suspects of coronavirus are out of their wards and trying to flee the Sukkur quarantine facility. There has been chaos as police and rangers surrounded the isolation centre to get control of the situation.

The pilgrims who were quarantined broke out of the wards and ran into scores of healthy individuals who have gathered to see the chaotic situation. Some eyewitnesses have also claimed that they are on streets causing fear among the citizens.

According to a report by ARY News, it is being claimed that some volunteers wanted to serve food to the quarantined pilgrims but they were disallowed by the administration. The pilgrims were then incited by Whatsapp voice notes that resulted in the break-out.

Pilgrims protesting against the Sindh government!

Apparently, the pilgrims are protesting against the Sindh government as they say that they are not being treated well inside the isolation ward. They claim that they are not being provided with basic necessities. Pilgrims claim that management is treating them like animals and was not providing them with proper food and other necessary facilities.

A few days back, they staged a similar protest. Later, the protesters ended the demonstration after the DG Health and DC Sukkur had assured them to resolve their all issues within 24 hours.

However, still, it is so irresponsible behaviour by the pilgrims that can create a serious threat to hundreds of others. As soon as the news broke, we have been seeing a strong reaction by the people on social media. The videos have gone viral where pilgrims were also heard chanting “Ya Hussain”.

According to the Sindh Health Department, 15 new cases have been reported in pilgrims from Taftan in Sukkur. Now the provincial tally has reached to 267.

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CM Shah stressing over the current situation

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, in this regard, said the rising number of Sindh’s local cases was extremely concerning. “This is why I’m appealing to the people to stay inside their homes. People need not only save themselves but their children as well,” he said.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) for Sindh Mushtaq Mehar said late Friday that no more than five people should gather in the cars, on the roads or any other location. Legal action would be taken in case of violation.

Despite several warnings and requests, people are still showing negligence over the issue. Sindh government is doing whatever they can to stop the outbreak in the region. However, it is also important for people to understand the severity of the situation.

On Friday, Pakistan recorded its third death due to coronavirus, the first in Sindh.

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