These Kickass Harvey Specter Quotes Will Make Your Day!

Life after graduation is difficult. Especially when you are an undergraduate, you’ll see things differently once your university life ends. Being confused between choices is pretty common. You will find yourself caught up between three extremely common decisions: to take a break and enjoy a gap year or to build yourself and get into professional career life or to pursue education and enroll in a Masters’ program.

Either way, everybody seeks guidance. Any of the opted decisions can be a life-changer IF implemented properly. Even if you are baiting everything on a risk, do it correctly. USA Network’s Suits’ character Harvey Specter is the man with all the required lessons you might be looking for.

Harvey Specter is one of the favorite characters of many but a few learn from him. Aside from his extremely gorgeous looks and dashing personality, Harvey teaches lessons to those who recently graduated.

1. Be Confident In Whatever Decision You Make, Even If They Are Risks

Confidence is the key to Harvey’s success. Regardless of what gambling risky moves he makes, he is pretty confident in them. The term “believe in yourself” associated largely with having confidence in one’s self and the character of Harvey teaches us that. Be it getting Mike out of prison or passing running any mind-games, believe in your abilities.

2. Regardless Of How Bad Ass Independent and Strong You Are, You Need Important People In Life

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to be selfish.

Harvey is definitely a lone-survivor. But when everything falls, he needs his best-friend (who we all know they love each other too), Donna. Aside from that, Jessica and Mike are massive support pillars for Harvey too. Point being, you cannot deny the need of someone just because you think you are strong. While you can never find quotes of Harvey Specter on love, you’ll see that the man is all about actions and not words. He proves it.

Lesson here is to find people who believe in the best of your interests and keep them close to yourself. Life changes – but people don’t have to. Whatever success you witness and no matter how many greens you make, remember the people who were with you once.

3. The Key To Success Is Working Hard and Loving What You Choose

“The only time success comes before work is in a dictionary.” – my personal favorite quotes by Harvey, tbh.

Can’t recall Specter taking a break from his work and spending time in leisureliness. Even if the guy eats in a fancy restaurant, it is because he is trying to bag some deal. The notable point here is that the man LOVES what he does. Not only does he have faith in himself but also devotes himself to something he admires doing.

If you won’t have your heart invested in something, how do you expect it to love you back?

4. Be Your Personal Brand

People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” – Harvey Specter, episode 1, season 1. Be it dressing or working hard, learn to establish yourself. Remember, everyone has their battles to fight and even a man like Harvey had his emotional battles.

How you establish yourself in whatever decision you make is a the main game.

5. Keep Moving. Keep Setting Goals

Do not back out regardless of how tough it gets. Have faith in your goals.

We all watch seasons for the sake of entertainment. However, what we don’t do is to get into the depth of the show and the character and learn something from it. Learn it right with Harvey Specter!

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