Jeremy Asks about a Suicide Prevention Hotline in Pakistan and This Guy’s Replies Are Infuriating!

suicidal thoughts

Mental health is a subject that a large number of people all across the globe are concerned about. It’s an issue needed to be dealt with on all grounds, starting with maximum awareness among the general public. Mental illness is a grave problem that needs to be addressed in parallel with or greater than any other kind of illness.

Source: International Bipolar Foundation

Mental illness has led people to commit actions that would make one’s senses to shatter, it would make our hearts bleed. In recent times, the growing epidemic of suicide rates has called for our large concern. There has been an abnormally substantial increase in suicide rates and we have come across news regarding many popular public figures taking their own lives. On the other hand, Pakistanis also deal with this dilemma. We cannot ignore that mental illness prevails on an all-time high in this part of the world as well.

We recently learned about the suicide of a boy in Islamabad. There have been many cases in the past which may or may not have been reported to the media, but without a say, mental illness is one of our biggest problems as a nation.

Jeremy McLellan asked on Twitter whether there is a suicide prevention hotline in Pakistan or not

Indeed, it’s shocking how such a subject is largely ignored in our country. Suicide is a taboo. Mental illness is a foreign subject. People are ignorant towards it. They do not know how to help the victims. In fact, the victims are often put to shame, religious shaming and what not, which worsens the circumstances in all cases. Suicide prevention hotline, something most countries have a dedicated system and legislation for nowadays. But in Pakistan? It’s a bigger shame.

What is an even bigger shame to us is one person’s take on the matter… Have a look:

Jeremy showed his concern which is appreciable

And to our shame…


This makes zero sense. “Take care of the dead” WHAT!?!


How could this guy have the nerve to argue?


Down with such opinions

This isn’t just one person, it is our population in millions who would share the same beliefs. The whole point is how we need to create awareness on the subject of mental illness and suicide and the dire need for suicide prevention. We need a complete, expert system for that, starting with awareness!





We urge you to reach out to silent sufferers, whoever they may be. Give them the space to express themselves. Do not start with any religious shaming. Do not lecture them about praying or faith. Be kind, be generous and most importantly, LISTEN to them. Constantly give them the comfort and assurance that you are there for them. Take care of people. Take care of humans.

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