Behind Every Successful Woman, There Is A Man [POEM]

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It could be her father,
who protected her from the harshness of this cruel world

It could be her brother,
who grew up with her and provoked her to fight back

It could be her husband,
who considered her worthy enough to be committed to, and share a life with

It could be her son,
who gave her a reason to keep going when she couldn’t find one

It could be the man who left her,
and her time alone taught her that she could survive on her own

It could be her lover,
who loved her when she found herself unlovable

It could be the man who didn’t love her back,
and made her want to prove herself, which she did

It could be her best friend,
who was just there, without wanting from her what all men wanted from women

Or it could simply have been a pathetic, cowardly, terrible man,
who made her realize that she could do much better.

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