Subways’ All New Pizza Wraps The New Best Thing, On The Go!

Subway’s Loaded Pizza Wraps has everyone exploding with excitement as we experience Pizza in a mouthwatering, mind-blowing wrap!

Hitting the streets of Pakistan, Subway offers three distinct flavors; offered in classic pepperoni, Chicken, and Beef options. 

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Each flavor has its own distinct fillings to cater to the diverse taste buds of the customer and is available now from up to Rs. 650.

So far the Loaded Pizza Wrap has received celebrated enthusiasm and reviews from customers and influencers alike including high praise for the convenience and satisfaction of fueling your body on the Go!

Source: Subway

Popular influencers remarked on how the Loaded Pizza Wrap is perfect for eating while active as it avoids messy spills or stains.
Ali Gul Pir broke out a fresh, hot rap on how it’s the No.1 meal on the Go! Which is easy to eat and packed with more meat and more flavor than ever!


The Loaded Pizza Wrap was conceived with the idea that healthy cravings should never be ignored even on the go. Even when you can’t spare both hands for that must-have slice of pizza, this tasty treat lets you move about while nourishing yourself with double the meat and double the flavor in every bite.

Source: Subway

So far the Loaded Pizza Wrap has received outstanding eagerness and reviews, which included mostly commendation for the amenity and satisfaction of fueling your body on the Go!

So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite Pizza with a twist only at Subway. 

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