Substitutes For Words Pakistanis Use Way Too Much !

Pakistanis have gotten used to using the same kind of vocabulary over and over again. It’s like we have become attached to a few patent words and phrases and can’t seem to break the habit of using them. Here are a few such words with a substitute that you can use to make your vocabulary more vibrant . . .

1. Pakistanis Use This As The Slang To Describe Something Good (INSANE)


2. This Word Is Used To Describe Something Out Of The Ordinary (CRAZY)


3. This Word Is Used In Almost Every Context (Level)


 4. We Hear This So Much That It’s Literally Starting To Piss Us Off Now


5. Cool People Don’t Say Cool Any More, Its Been Used To Death !


6. We Are All Tired Of Being Called Dude, It Isn’t 1990 Anymore.


7. This Is Just About The Worst Word You Could Use.


 8. Iss Word Ka Toh Scene He Off Hai.


9. People Really Don’t Know What This Word Truly Means.


10. Although In Reality This Word Means Something Completely Different

Pakistanis use it as a substitute for …


11. Best This, Best That, Every Thing Can Not Be The Bloody Best


12. Lastly, This Is A word We Are All Guilty Of Using Way Too Much

Because it’s just awesome


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