Students Take An Innovative Step To Empower Women 

Students Take An Innovative Step To Empower Women

Students hailing from various educational institutes initiated a campaign on the 8th of March to spread awareness on women’s rights through the walls of Karachi. The drive which began on International Women’s Day rounded to an end on the 13th of March, Sunday, with throngs of students participating in the campaign.

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The walls of different areas include; Gulistan-e-Johar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, MA Jinnah Road, II Chundrigar Road, Saddar Town and University Road and have all been adorned with feminist slogans by the students. The walls now entail messages such as ‘Stop Rape Culture’, ‘Strengthen Women’ and ‘Women are Leaders’.

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The students’ initiative of painting the walls with feminist messages for the mass is a clear message that oppression against women will not be tolerated anymore. The acknowledgement and resistance to the subjugation of women is clear on the buildings where they marked their messages.

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While speaking to media National Students Federation Organiser Karachi, Muzammal Afzal is to have said, “The oppression of women in South-Asia has gone par limit. Cases of sexual abuse and rape are neatly brushed under the carpet as if they don’t exist, now is the time to speak up against all the abuse faced by women and fight for their equal status in the society”.

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“Students are the only change bringers and they – WE must fight against patriarchy

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Member of National Students Federation Karachi, Laila Raza also commented saying, ‘Initiatives such as these must be encouraged. A city where male dominance is evident in the scarce number of females that appear on the streets, such initiatives will help in making people acknowledge the existence of women’.


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