Students Of Iqra University Have Started A Campaign “Aapki Khushi Humari Bhi” And People Are Appreciating Them

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Iqra University Corporate Social Responsibility operates as a student society with support from the institution under the Student Council. It was founded on the premise to instill within students and youth a sense of ownership and community pertaining to their surroundings. This aids students in developing empathy encourage them to reach out for humanitarian causes while contributing to uplifting Pakistan.

IUCSR, under its Project Qalam for education and literacy along with Project Shehri, to facilitate community and contribute to the betterment of the city hosted an Eid Carnival on Wednesday, 13th June’18. The carnival was distinctly for the underprivileged community at the North Karachi campus location where one of three Dastarkuans were being served throughout the blessed month of Ramadan.

If this does not move you, what will?These are the kids we are celebrating with at our #AapkiKhushiHumariBhi Eid Mela at our North Karachi location on Wednesday. It all began with #IUCSRDastarkhuan and has now been a part of Project Qalam ? thank you to our amazing team members and well wishers.#WeAreIqra This is #IUCSR #IqraUniversity #TeamIU #karachi

Gepostet von IUCSR – Iqra University Corporate Social Responsibility am Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

Through IUCSR Shehri, clothes drive to scale up the concept of Deewar e Meherbani and another to collect toys was conducted over the last four weeks. An approximate of 1000 garments and 800 toys had been collected by IUCSR with support from family, friends and other well-wishers. These items, some new and some sparingly used were given to those in need at the carnival. The gift-wrapped toys were presented to children as Eid gifts. 140 soft toys were generously gifted by foundation year students of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

MashaAllah. With your support for our #ToyDrive and #ClothesDrive under the Project Shehri initiative, we have collected approximately 1000 garments for men, women, and children in addition to over 800 toys. This is phenomenal considering the short span of time we have done this in. These items have been grouped, packed and wrapped. The garments will be distributed along with toys at our #AapkiKhushiHumariBhi bazaar for the underprivileged on the 28th of Ramadan. Still lots to do but great energies and efforts by our team which has been at work despite semester holidays.The idea was to scale the Deewar e Meherbani concept. We are looking forward to a few Pre Eid festivities with henna, bangles, fun and gifts very soon ❤Superb effort by all our #IUCSR members and volunteers. Thank you to the lovely people of Karachi for your generosity and kindness during this blessed month!#WeAreIqra #IqraUniversity #TeamIU #karachi

Gepostet von IUCSR – Iqra University Corporate Social Responsibility am Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2018

The Aapki Khushi, Humari Bhi Eid Mela brought together the community of the nearby area and shared smiles with Eid approaches. Over 150 children visited the IUCSR Dastarkhuan daily. It was through this that the mela and Project Qalam have been such an inspiring and humbling process.

The mela permitted children to enjoy a photo wall, face painting, and henna, a traditional bangles stall, balloons and a bouncing castle followed by iftar through support from Iftar on the Street by Azhar Mahmood as a food partner and Rooh Afza as a refreshment partner. Students of Iqra University under IUCSR and Dean FEST (Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology) and Patron IUCSR Dr. Kamran Raza had worked tirelessly to prepare for this event in hopes it will bring joy to someone else and share happiness with a deserving community.

This entire platform has played a pivotal role in grooming students and instilling in them a greater understanding of gratitude, empathy, and a thirst to serve humanitarian causes.

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