Students In Multan Chant ‘Coronavirus Zindabad’ As Holidays Extend!

Students Multan Coronavirus Zindabad

Well as the government has announced holidays owing to the deadly coronavirus, many are celebrating the pandemic in Pakistan. Students of Nishtar Medical College in Multan rallied and chanted ‘Coronavirus Zindabad’ as holidays officially extend. The viral video on Facebook depicts the students’ absurd take on the announcement.

Nishtar Medical College students celebrate extension in holidays by chanting ‘Coronavirus Zindabad’!

Reportedly, the extension in holidays due to the life-threatening disease has even lead to the cancelation of several exams in Pakistan. Consequently, students in Multan are showcasing their happiness and thrill in a quite insensitive manner.

Here’s the full video circulating on social media!

Is it right to celebrate a deadly disease?

Well, no religion, no book of morality, and no statute of ethics would support this slogan. The deadly Coronavirus is not a joke. It has killed thousands across the world. In Pakistan, the cases have reached around thirty as eight new cases get confirmed from Pakistan’s Sindh area. At this critical juncture, chanting ‘Coronavirus Zindabad’ is sheer stupidity.

Moreover, the video depicts the mentality of the youth of Pakistan. These students are considered to be a future of the land of pure. In this complex situation, their gratification of Coronavirus is remorseful. However, not all the youth and students of Pakistan are like the above-mentioned ones. Many are the real asset of the country and are actually proving it so.

The question arises, why are they chanting and celebrating Coronavirus? Well, maybe it is due to their utter negligence and ignorance. Besides, it could be their inside emotions motivated by the rise of testosterone that mainly rises in this age (which are responsible for emotions and agility). Or else, maybe they are intoxicated or drunk. No rational or a nice person could ever celebrate such a deadly pandemic.

Students Multan Coronavirus Zindabad

Source: BOL News

Besides, the government should take action against all those. They in their enjoyment are hurting those, who are fighting with the deadly disease. Such slogans can not only hurt the patients but their families and loved ones too. However, people on social media reacted heavily to the video.

Not only COVID-19 but all of us are embarrassed!

Hope so!

Indeed, it is horrific to see the video!

If they had so much brain, they wouldn’t have done this (joke)!

Sad but true!

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In a nutshell, for whatever reasons they have chanted such a pathetic slogan, it is not permissible. For many, the video is fun, but not everything is a joke. This is the youth of Pakistan they must be logical and decent. Instead of finding any cure or any breakthrough of the virus, the students are making jokes.

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