Students Of Matric 2014 Batch Are Protesting Against The CM Laptop Scheme For Not Keeping Their Promise

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If you have done matriculation with an excellent percentage from Punjab Board in recent years and haven’t received your richly deserved CM scheme laptop, you will truly understand the pain of 2014 Batch.

As per the Chief Minister e-Youth Initiative under Youth Development Program’s overview: “The objective is to provide free laptops to 100 thousand brilliant students currently studying at public sector colleges and universities or are high achievers of the Boards of Punjab in Matriculation Examinations.”

However quite unfortunately, dispersion of these laptops stopped when the turn came for 2014 Batch and allocated money was spent in Orange Line Metro Train.

Now when once again this scheme was rehabilitated and laptops were distributed again, 2014 batch was ignored altogether. After being ignored continuously for 3 years, students from different universities of Punjab have unified their efforts to form a trend on Twitter under the hashtag #JusticeFor2014Batch

Other students also said yes to this call and gave their point of view using #JusticeFor2014Batch

They said they won’t bear this injustice

They believe they deserve this right as they are equally brilliant like other batches

Some thought laptop scheme was only meant to attract voters

Meanwhile, everyone kept looking for CM himself and Maryam Nawaz’s response

But no one responded

Others found memes as a potent weapon to raise their voice against ignorance

In the end Batch of 2014 ask a simple question to CM Shahbaz Shareef

Still, the students are unwilling to give up. They intend to fight for their rights till the time their voice is heard.

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