Rural Students Face Internet Availability Issues For Online Classes

online classes internet issue

Ever since the COVID-19 outspread, the global education system has approached a halt. As of now, most of the higher education institutions are conducting their classes, on and off, through online platforms. Speaking of Pakistan, the local universities are trying their best to prevent any forfeiture of studies, whilst completing the semester within time.

Meanwhile, students of district/rural areas seem to face issues in coping up with these online classes. Precisely, most of them do not have access to the Internet, while others have a problem with having fluent online connectivity.

Students Protest Against Education System

Following, a student hailing from the district area of Peshawar, uploaded a video, criticizing the Pakistani education system. According to him, most of the rural area students have, by no means, access to internet connectivity.

online classes internet issue

Source: cnn

This nevertheless, has been resulting in an abundant loss of studies, as their universities are progressing with a steadfast pace, in completing the semester. Moreover, the student predicates a request to the Higher Education Commission, to take notice of this dilemma.


Either the government must observe the decision of annulling the online classes, which would ultimately rule into a semester-break. Or they must facilitate the students with fluent access to 3G/4G service so that they can conduct their classes, without any haste.

Owing to the twitter feed, most of the students are concerned with the same issue!

Online classes – a complicated issue

Apart from the availability of Internet facilities, conducting online classes, in general, can be really berserk. Owing to the response from teachers and students, both sides have different complaints. For starters, teachers who have never taught on any online platform before, suddenly have to teach half of the semester to students. Moreover, some teachers have grave issues in controlling the discipline of the class. A recent example of which is Iqra University students trolling their teacher, online.

From the students’ side, the complaints are of inability to understand the lectures, and poor video/audio quality, most probably resulting from faulty networks. Meanwhile, other issues may incorporate students marking their virtual presence in the class, and in actual not being available to hear the lectures.

Importantly, the point worth pondering on is that, amidst the current situation, the future of education surely lingers as uncertain. Just as same, graduations in line are to be deferred tentatively as well.

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