Students Of BZU Allegedly Took A Trangender Inside The Hostel For ‘Mujra’ And This Is Insane!

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As the degrees acquired here by the students are challenged in most countries for their authenticity, the caliber of institutes here is getting better with time. The education system in Pakistan always serves as a debatable topic for the masses. The young generation of every country is considered as a strong pillar on which the future is dependant but after looking over the current condition of Pakistani students, it seems like those pillars will be extremely weak in coming years.

Pakistani ‘chiragh’ and their uncanny activities!

Several educational institutes of the country also provide dorm facilities to students who live in other cities or countries so that they can live easily while completing their years of education. In Pakistan, till now we have heard news of students cheating in exams, fighting over any issue or involved in drugs studying in different institutions but this time its nothing like that.

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Students sneaked a transgender inside their hostel for ‘mujra’!

As Pakistan is a diverse country with multicultural practices which makes the country more interesting. In some cultures, practiced in Pakistan, calling a transgender in marriage or watching him dance in it is normal but ever heard of a transgender dancing for students in a university hostel? Well, this unique news came in from Multan and the administration needs to stay awake now.

Considered as the largest educational institute in South Punjab, Bahauddin Zakaria University was recently in the news because of its students. Some students who live in the university’s hostel took a transgender inside their hostel room for ‘mujra’ and the security couldn’t catch them. The transgender wore male clothes provided by the students which helped him sneak inside without any trouble.

The story was even covered by different news channels and the screenshots are also posted in the university’s official Facebook page!


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According to a source, a transgender named ‘Billo’ was seen dancing in a hostel room full of male students in the Bahauddin Zakaria University of Multan. The students threw money on the transgender while he was doing ‘mujra’ and the party continued for late hours in the night. The news got viral on social media and Pakistanis are in a confused state.

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