Frustrated Student Points Out Flaws In Pakistan's Education System Through His Experience

Frustrated Student Points Out Flaws In Pakistan’s Education System Through His Experience

Pakistan’s education system has always seen an unsettled argument and a clash in the two different school of thoughts and examination approaches, the Matric/Intermediate system vs O/A-levels system.

On similar lines, one student and graduate of the Matric-Intermediate system of Pakistan took to social media and pointed out the countless flaws in Pakistan’s aborigine educational system compared to the one adopted from the British.

This is what he had to say about his experience with Punjab Board



Note: This essay is just my opinion as a person who straight came from Cambridge GCSE to Punjab Board. Any sort of hate will not be tolerated.
It sucks to be in a system where you know how you’re loosing your way to use your intellect, and reducing yourself to a single book. I don’t know if my point makes any sense or is even valid at all, but why even I’m forced to study languages in a stage where I’m preparing for universities and all that should matter is how good my command is on the subjects I have to specialize in?

Even the things I study in science, I get to know them through learning by heart, but I’m not usually taught it’s practical application. Whichever teacher tells me how and where these are applied, becomes the good teacher. But just think for yourself, how do you expect what I learn to stay in my mind when there is no conceptual understanding of it? And how the hell is it gonna help me ahead?



Well obviously it’ll help me, to complete around 25-30 sheets of paper, but for what? Why is it that I’m being told that my exams will be majorly saved through Du’a only since there’s no particular criteria(like marking schemes in Cambridge system) of exam checking and it all depends on the mood and nature of the examiner. People would write the exact same answer and get different marks for it? Wow.

And folks tell me what matters more than what I write is how good my handwriting is, how well I put my headings, and how long of a stupid essay I can write. Is this how pre-university education supposed to be like? Teachers in colleges or academies keep criticizing the books, the curriculum, the examination board but never protest, never even talk about changing it. All they tell us is to pray to Allah SWT that, “Acha lenient examiner mil jye” or “Paper checker ka mood acha ho.” Just WTH.

And I hate to break it to you, but if I miss out making margin lines on the left side of all sheets of the paper, and that with a marker, and I miss out the headings of all the questions, I’m not gonna get good marks. Well, that’s obviously because such bullshit is more necessary than checking the candidates creativity or way of thinking.



I’m not sure about the sources but Einstein was once asked about the speed of sound and he didn’t know it. He replied by saying that such information is always contained in books, so it’s not necessary to learn them by heart. Education of institutions should just promote people to think freely, not to judge how well they can learn stuff. Not everyone is good at learning.

Every year there are several creative people who could have been a blessing to the world of science and engineering but we failed to get that blessing. That’s because we want to hire people who have a good skill of memorizing things. I know there are several inter students that are gonna hate on what I said, but sorry guys, sach kerwaa hota hai.”

As strong as the arguments seem from the student’s particular point of view, counter arguments are always present from the other side. What do you think? Is the student correct in his opinion about the Pakistani education system? Share with us in comments.

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