Senator Promises Action Against VC Who Rusticated Student For Protesting Against Online Classes

Senator Mustafa khokar

On 5th June 2020, Usman Mehmood a bright student of CUST University was expelled for voicing his opinions and distress on social media regarding the online exams and classes that are being conducted due to the global pandemic.

Instead of supporting and encouraging the initiative by their student, CUST University stooped low by threatening Usman of termination from the university. This is an extremely unethical and completely immoral approach creating an uproar amongst the people. Usman Mehmood while pouring his distress on Twitter, shared a picture of the letter he received declaring and threatening termination of his admission in the University

The question is, what did Usman do wrong? Since when is being vocal about one’s distress a crime or a violation of discipline? Seeing the rash decision taken by CUST university, the Twitterati came to Usman’s rescue, calling out CUST University for their unjust, unfair, and ill-treatment towards their students.

Much uproar has allowed Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar to take up notice. He assures and stands with Usman Mehmood a young university student who just got expelled for speaking against the imposition of Online Examinations. Different steps could have been taken to solve the issue, many universities have provided with an ‘I grade policy’ to skip the semester and refund fees. What CUST University did was an irrational step and we support Usman in his fight for justice and fairness no matter what.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz takes notice of injustice against student

Pakistan is a free state and freedom of speech must not be condemned rather, every individual has a constitutional right to practice it and be vocal about their issues whenever they like. What happened with Usman is not only unethical, rather, it shows and promotes oppression and harassment in every way, we hope that Usman is provided with the refunded amount and CUST University face a just penalty for its wrongdoings.

Previously, the HEC also took notice of students’ protest against online classes.

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