10 Struggles People Who Suck At Flirting Can Relate To

1. No Expressions

Expressions are one of the most important way to make you flirting strong. However, half of the people who suck at flirting make their reactions look like they’re in pain.


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2. And when they wink, their face looks like it is broken

Because well, they don’t know how to wink.


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3. They have problems in starting conversations

They’re so afraid of saying something wrong that they fail to start any conversation at all.


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4.  And God Forbid if they have to dance with their date

No, I promise I’m not drunk. This is just how i dance.


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5. Never too sure about how to introduce themselves

They have no idea how to define themselves in the very best possible way.


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6. They never understand when someone is totally flirting with them

And they end up giving the worst possible answers


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7. Idiotic Pickup Lines

The pickup lines they use are either too cheesy or too old.


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8. How they  start laughing loudly whenever something remotely funny is said

They sit there laughing and clapping their hands like a retarded seal.


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9. When they have to smile for a selfie with their date



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10. Sexy Giggling

They try to giggle and be sexy and shit, but end up sounding like a demented horse instead


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