8 Struggles Of People Who Love Taking Selfies

If you can’t resist the urge to take your phone out, pout, and take a selfie every 5 seconds, you’ll be able to relate to this

1. It has taken you ages to master your perfect selfie face

selfie-show-karen-gillan-mister-scandalSource: misterscandal.com

2. You attract judgmental stares when you take selfies in public placesselfie-judging

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3. You’ve been scolded by your parents for taking so many selfies, because astaghfirullah


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4. You have to ensure that every nano-second is captured in a selfie


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5. When you take one, you have to take 10 more and then you can’t decide which one to post


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6. You’ve been called ‘narcissists’ and ‘self obsessed’ way too often, and you’re like


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7. And you want to kill yourself every time the phone hangs


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8. And when you look perfect but the selfies won’t turn out nice..

selfie gif

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*takes another selfie*


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