Struggles Of People Who Can't Wake Up Early!

Struggles Of People Who Can’t Wake Up Early!

Thank god you live in Pakistan. You wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere else, for we are the most “can’t wake up early” tolerant nation on the face of the Earth. Even then, life isn’t easy if you’re not a morning person. Here are some of the struggles that people who can’t wake up early face;

1. You’re failing your courses because you just can’t manage to wake up on time.

waking up-struggles

2. You wake up to 89286 missed calls and messages.

struggles-waking up

3. The first thing you do is swear.

wake up-fml

4. And then for some reason, the traffic gods will be against you.


5. Your parents will drone on and on about how unhealthy this habit of yours is.

lectures-waking up

6. You can’t function in the 9 am corporate world.


7. If you absolutely HAVE to wake up..

wake up early struggles

8. You always pledge to sleep early but meh..

sleep late struggles


Let me just set an alarm for 8 am tomorrow.And one for 12 pm too.


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