Struggles Of A Person Who Has A Tech Savvy Mom

Struggles Of A Person Who Has A Tech Savvy Mom

Moms are the smartest people on planet earth. From cooking to teaching to spying; they are pretty much aware of everything and to be honest, no one can deny the fact that they are actually doing a pretty good job.  There’s nothing that they can’t learn and fortunately or unfortunately, now they’ve learned to use Facebook.

Remember the day you saw her friend request in your notifications and almost had a mini heart attack? You knew this day would come, but somehow, you were never quite prepared for it.  We all know how our lives have changed since our moms have joined Facebook.

Your social media life, as you once knew it, is gone. But don’t worry, you are not alone. We know how you need to make sure that she knows the difference between private messages and your wall. We feel you.

So now that she’s so tech savvy, what can possibly go wrong?

She’ll Comment On All Your Photos:

Source: Wall’s Mother’s Day Ad

If you were given a dollar every time someone called you pretty… you’d exactly have one dollar, thanks to your mom! She’s the one who’s never going to miss on commenting on your photos, the stories you share, your statuses and probably everything else that you can post on Facebook.

No one except your mom thinks that you are pretty and she’ll make sure that everyone knows how blessed she feels about raising such a “beautiful” child.

She’ll Add All Your Friends:

You’d start noticing the increase in the number of mutual friends between you and your mom, each passing minute, as soon as she joins Facebook. Your friends will make sure that they add her because no one wants to miss on all the awkward and entertaining stuff their friend’s mom posts on her wall.


Source: Wall’s Mother’s Day Ad

Now that everyone’s on her Facebook already, they are also pretty much aware of what’s happening in your lives. She’ll make sure to post all the hadiths and ayahs on how to treat your parents with respect when she is upset with you.

She’ll Post Your Embarrassing Childhood Photos:

Remember all those ugly photos from your childhood that you never showed to any of your friends? Your mom has all of them with her and she’s going to post them on your wall every now and then, with captions like, “my jan gol gappa.”


Source: Wall’s Mother’s Day Ad

Your friends thought you were always pretty. But thanks to your mom, they now know what a disaster you were as a kid.

She’ll share and over share random pictures every day:

Source: Wall’s Mother’s Day Ad

As if quotes on how to be a good kid weren’t enough, she’ll share random pictures of almost anything on Facebook. Your timeline will be full of stories, which make absolutely no sense (to you), shared by her. Oh, and you’ll also get to see what’s for dinner before even reaching your house, because, duh… mom’s on Facebook, right?

No matter how much you avoid but she’ll make sure to connect with you on a daily basis through her posts, her comments, her pictures and even DMs. Maybe you have no time to tell her what’s happening in your life but she’ll make sure that she doesn’t miss out on what her kids are doing. You might think your mom’s stalking you on social media but that’s how she connects with you.

We need to understand that this is her way of connecting with us and this insight is brilliantly portrayed in the latest Mother’s Day TVC released by Wall’s.

The Ad brilliantly depicts how your mom craves for your time and tries to become a part of your busy life, but you are too busy to even notice her sweet, little gestures. The TVC reminds us of how we need to put our phones down and give our moms what they deserve the most, our time and love.

So, this Mother’s Day, instead of posting old pictures of you and your mom on Facebook, just put your phone aside, sit with her and spend quality time with her… give her some memories that she can cherish for a lifetime.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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