Coke Studio Celebrates the Memory of Junaid Jamshed with a Tribute That Will Melt Your Heart

A year over we lost an icon and an incredible human being who touched millions of hearts. The 10th season of Coke Studio ends on a high note with the much sought-after tribute to Junaid Jamshed. So, who do we have here?

Ali Zafar and Ali Hamza join hands with Strings to pay Junaid Jamshed a tribute you’ll go crazy for

Jaffer Zaidi draws a fine inspiration from the benchmark of Junaid Jamshed. Coke Studio brings the best men, Ali Zafar and Ali Hamza on board to deliver this soulful ditty. Relive the incredible sound as the gentlemen from Strings also join to pay homage to JJ with the rendition of Us Rah Par:

About Junaid Jamshed, he remained a contemporary pop-music icon in the 90s. The entire nation was touched when we lost the legendary singer-turned-Muslim-scholar in the ill-fated plane crash. A humble tribute by Coke Studio gives us a chance to relive the memory of this great man. Every facet of his work is celebratory and we still take pride in witnessing the graceful charm of Junaid Jamshed whether it was music or anything.

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Of all the tributes, Coke Studio’s rendition is a class apart and we are absolutely in awe listening to it. Strings’ magic outlived everything! Besides, Ali Hamza’s grave vocals overlapping Ali Zafar’s, with the backing vocals finding acute space. All different energies set a groove that is dressed by a strings section. GOD, HOW GOOD IS THE FIRST VIOLIN SECTION BY JAVED IQBAL?

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Rest of the season finale brings a lot more we need to talk about.

The best of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan you have seen in Coke Studio!

What magic can a 5-string Banjo pull off on parallel with the soulful voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan?  It’s a crime to miss it…

Maula Tera Noor is a dose of a fresh composition that is purposefully stirred with a potency of magic words can create. It’s a spiritual composition based on finding the light. The Banjo hands a tender punch to this beautiful hamd, colors a profound vibe and we absolutely adore the vocals of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan! A big shout out to the Qawwali party (humnawa) featuring the Sabri brothers!

Meanwhile, Sajad Ali was up to something remarkably special for this episode…

Produced, directed, written, composed and sung by the man himself. This is a signature Sajad Ali product as he takes his innate genius on a pedestal and personifies it so well. Tere Naam takes a sweet route from the start till the end and it’s another reason why Coke Studio episode 7 will remain memorable. Check it out, guys:

Lastly, Shuja Haider teams up with Aima Baig for this beauty

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Shuja Haider, the genius puts a massive score of creativity here. Baanware is a soft melody that exudes a unique impulse about the subject of love. Aima Baig shines through her strong vocals and takes it further by setting a different mood to the song. Do not miss out on this one:

Coke Studio Season 10 has accomplished monumentally. The platform marked 10 years in a different way and this season shall remain memorable for times to come.

Let’s applaud the great people behind #CokeStudio10: the artists, composers, backing vocalists, house bands, guest musicians and of course, the Coca-Cola company for Coke Studio. Till next time!

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