Stray Animals Get A Chance Of Survival With SOS Pakistan’s New App

stray animals in pakistan

An animal welfare community in Pakistan, known as Save Our Strays (SOS) Pakistan, has been working for the survival and upheaval of stray animals for a while now. After constantly working to save these suffering animals, the SOS Pakistan is now launching a mobile application.

As per the SOS Pakistan, with the addition of the mobile application, saving stray animals will become comparatively easier. This, in turn, will make rescue and sustainability of these tongueless animals.

The developers of the mobile application for SOS animal rescue state that the app will trace the exact location of stray animals in danger. These animals can then be rescued and be provided with immediate aid and other necessities.

Launching in March 2020, the app for stray animals provides as a reasonable substitute against the culling of animals, especially cats and dogs. Other animals include donkeys, horses and local breeds of the same.

Mustafa Ahmed, the Director Operations and PR of the app, told a Pakistani newspaper that: “People could not share the exact location of animals in need, especially when reporting from the roads, hence the rescue work would get delayed.”

Stray animals, for decades in Pakistan, have suffered ill fate. The Director-General Public Relations ISPR, Asif Ghafoor, recently tweeted on the issue at large.

He wrote: “The more I see miseries of strays the more I love my ZORO. How unlucky they are; no owner, no home, no life, habitually bark on people to make their presence felt or to get a bone fed and always on the run. #CareForStrays #LoveAnimals.

The DGISPR stated how stray animals long for love and attention, while humans think otherwise. He showcased his love for animals, especially for his own dog Zoro. Moreover, Zoro found the admiration of DGISPR Asif Ghafoor and has now become a celebrity himself. Zoro is starring as Ahad Raza Mir’s dog in ISPR produced Ehd-e-Wafa.

Additionally, the SOS Pakistan app for stray animals will organize the rescue service pattern. The app will be able to track the exact locations of animals that have been wounded. Starting from Karachi, Badin, Bahawalpur, Lahore, and Islamabad, the app will soon be available across Pakistan.

SOS Pakistan caters to a lot of different types of wounds and illnesses in animals. The vet and volunteers in the team are equipped to handle all sorts of situations. The vet is equipped with a kit that includes anti-poisoning injections and an NG tube for stomach cleaning. This saves stray animals in time before the poison has its full effect.

However, for the app to be a success, humans will have to help technology. In order to report a wounded or struggling stray, people will have to mark the nearest landmark and add the address. Providing details of the animal’s condition and a contact number will also help the cause. Just this year alone, SOS Pakistan has managed to save over 1500 stray animals.

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