10 Of The Strangest Fears That Exist In The World!

There are things about us that we would never admit, even if our life depended upon it, because we think they’re weird and people might judge us.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the strangest phobias that are known to have existed so you have proof that you aren’t the weirdest person on this planet (unless you have one of these, of course).

1. Somniphobia:

There’s the majority of Pakistani’s whose favorite pastime is sleeping. And then there are a selected few who harbor the fear of falling asleep. They’re literally afraid of sleeping. They feel like they might lose control over their lives when they fall asleep, or it may have been triggered off by nightmares.

Seriously, you guys have no idea what you’re missing out on.


Source: leovagirl.deviantart.com

2. Anatidaephobia:

People suffering you from Anatidaephobia harbor the pervasive fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching them. They constantly live with the anxiety that wherever they are and whatever they do, a duck is keeping watch.


Source: wheresmysammich.com

3. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia:

As ironic as it is, Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Come to think of it, these people can’t even bring themselves to spell or say the name of the condition they suffer from!

long words

Source: unrealfacts.com

4. Agyrophobia:

Living in Pakistan, this isn’t all that strange. Agyrophobia is the fear of crossing roads. It isn’t the usual apprehension that accompanies when crossing a road; this fear is gripping and intense, and can leave you with a panic attack right there in the middle of the road!


Source: buzzlamp.com

5. Neophobia:

Imagine if someone woke up from the dead, and saw the world in all its advanced, technological glory. Imagine what their reaction might be.

Neophobia is the fear of new things.

Take what a technologically challenged person feels after an application gets an update, and multiply that by a thousand times.


Source: bebiviral.com

6. Philophobia:

Philophobia is the fear of falling in love. But not in the usual I-had-a-bad-experience-so-I’m-apprehensive way. It’s an irrational and disproportionate fear of letting someone govern your moods and feelings, and /or opening up to them.


Source: viola.bz

7. Ergophobia:

We dare not admit we harbor this fear, to our bosses! Ergophobia is the irrational fear of work or the workplace in specific. Being anxious about work, or an over controlling boss, or nosy colleagues does not qualify. Anything remotely related to work or the workplace triggers off intense feelings of panic and anxiety, so much so that these people can’t even look for work!


Source: familylegacycenter.com

8. Nomophobia:

As insane as it is (and no pun intended), this is the fear of no-mobile phone service. Basically, these are people who disproportionately freak out if mobile phone coverage is lost. If you think this is a little far fetched, think about how you react when your internet stops working.


Source: gadgetultra.com

9. Ablutophobia:

There’s a pretty good chance you’re suffering from social isolation if you suffer from Ablutophobia, for it is the fear of washing and bathing. People with Ablutophobia are too scared to clean themselves up.


Source: fears.wikia.com

10. Chaetophobia;

Chaetophobia is the  fear of hair on your body. So ladies, every time you run to the salons freaking out about the amount of hair you have on your arms, you know you should be running off to a psychiatrist instead!


Source: news.nster.com


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