This Is Shumaila, Who Has Been Lying Face Down For 2 Years – Her Story Will Blow Your Mind!

Shumaila story lying face down

The hunger for having a male child solely ruins the lives of women. The demand for a male heir is one of the worst taboos of Pakistan, especially in the rural areas. When the wife ends up giving birth to a daughter instead of a son, the struggle that comes along with it is appalling. The story of Shumaila is much alike who is now lying face down for 2 years.

From the child’s paternal sides’ taunts to a paradigm shift in the husband’s behavior, the blame of not giving birth to a male baby ruins the life of a woman. How is it the women’s fault for what nature has written for her? She did not give birth to a daughter by choice. God does what he wants, gives what he wants, when he wants, and takes it away, as per His will.

shumaila story
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In many cases, women do end up giving birth to more than one daughter without giving birth to a son. This is considered next to ‘sinning’, more so, a ‘dhabba‘ in many families. Consequently, the husband then gradually distances himself from his wife, and with his family’s consent.

Usually, the attention then shifts to a second marriage. The reason? So that she can bear him a son. What people do not realize is that the issue might be in the man’s genes too. No matter how many times he marries, he still might not end up with a son.

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In such cases, men mostly divorce their wives. The same happened with Shumaila of the Dharampur area of Lahore. Her in-laws wanted a son. However, she gave birth to a girl for the third time. Her husband then not only divorced her but also kicked her out of his house.

Shumaila needs your help!

Taking to Twitter, a user gave a report of Shumaila’s ordeal. He wrote, “The in-laws wanted a son but a third girl was born. Her lower torso was paralyzed due to a wrong injection during delivery. Husband divorced, and threw her on the streets. Shumaila of Dharampura Lahore has been lying face down for the last two years, her father has sold everything, her story is even saddening. She needs daily medicine. Contact 03079248702.”

In our part of the world, such obsolete beliefs such as the never-ending yearning for ‘sons’ has already caused the decay of our society to the core, where everyone is chasing their desire to leave behind a ‘legacy’ in the form of a son. In fact, the reason why the birth of a daughter is considered burdensome is heartbreaking!

We often ignore that the greatest man, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a daughter who was a source of blessing for him. Please help out Shumaila as much as you can!

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